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Choosing a Mortgage That Suits You


With literally thousands of different mortgages available, you might find it hard to know when and where to look. Some lenders calculate the mortgage interest daily, while others do it annually. The net result is that the lowest interest rate may not provide the cheapest monthly payment. Additionally, some lenders charge booking fees, while others have compulsory insurances, and most have some kind of early repayment charge. Turn to the mortgage advisors at Just Insure It, in Romford, Essex, and we will guide you towards the mortgage that best suits your individual needs.

Points of Consideration

There are so many decisions to make before choosing your mortgage policy. You will have to decide if you want:

  • A Fixed, Discounted, Tracked, Capped, Flexible, or Offset Rate
  • To Add Some of the Fees onto the Loan
  • A Policy for Two, Three, Five, or 10 years, or Even Longer

With such an array of questions that need to be answered, it is no wonder that some people find the whole process stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Our mortgage advisors will guide you through the whole process: researching the most suitable options for you, recommending a product, and taking care of the application and any associated paperwork. We also offer a similar advice service for financial protection and building insurance.

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